Great Care for LIttle Kidneys. In Africa.

Great Care for Little Kidneys. In Egypt.

Support Healthy Kidneys

Here’s How You Can Support Healthy Kidneys

You can make an impact on global kidney health in children by supporting IPNA’s philanthropic priorities. Your donation will further strengthen our community medical systems around diagnosis and treatment to address the gap in healthcare in developing nations. IPNA receives no public financial support and relies on major donor partners like you.

IPNA Giving Opportunities

Regardless of how you give, SAVING CHILDREN’S LIVES is the impact of your gift.

  1. Cash Gifts. Your cash gift will immediately impact IPNA programs and provide you with the tax deduction applicable to your country.
  2. Gifts of Stock.Through your gift of appreciated securities, you will receive a tax deduction for the fair market value.
  3. Named Endowment or Grant. Designated for a specific IPNA program that you feel passionate about.
  4. Legacy. Leave a legacy by including IPNA in your will or trust or make a gift of estate, stock or charitable annuity.
  5. Commemorative Giving. Many of our donors celebrate personal achievements, anniversaries, and birthdays with a personalized gift. Please consider making a gift “in honor of” or “in memory of” a loved one or friend.
  6. Foundation & Corporate Giving. IPNA matches organizations with opportunities aligned to our priorities.
  7. Workplace Giving. Consider a workplace giving campaign and a matching gift program as part of your corporate philanthropy to encourage employees to make charitable contributions.

SAVING CHILDREN’S LIVES is the impact of your gift.

  • $125 pays for one membership and $2,500 pays for 20 doctors from developing countries to receive IPNA membership benefits and resources.
  • $5,000 supports doctors traveling to disaster areas to treat kidney issues.
  • $15,000 pays for one IPNA fellowship.
  • $80,000 pays for 10 courses taught in developing countries. IPNA has NEVER rejected a proposal for funding physician training.
  • $100,000 names an IPNA Fellowship Endowment with annual proceeds matched by IPNA.

As a philanthropist, you may be looking for a project that closely matches your own passion, ambition, expertise and life story. Everyone is different, and we will develop a tailor-made approach for you. Our flexibility will allow you to have the maximum impact.

We are looking to develop relationships with foundations, nonprofit organizations, businesses and brands that are willing to work with us to promote early diagnosis of kidney disease and improve the treatment of the children affected by kidney disease.

Corporate sponsorship provides the opportunity for your brand to:

  • Make a positive impact.
  • Raise funds to advance research for prevention and treatment of kidney disease.
  • Participate in outreach and education programs in developing nations.
  • Support training of medical staff.

For more information on corporate sponsorship opportunities and how your company can help save lives right now, please contact us.

You can make an Impact on Global Kidney Health in Children

10-year-old Jabari from Ghana, which means courageous, is on a different diet that his mother learned about after she attended an IPNA patient/family seminar.

With no immediate access to the railway, families in India leave before sunrise by foot to reach St. John’s Medical College and Hospital, Karnataka, India, where they hope their child will be seen at a busy outpatient clinic.

Your donation will further strengthen our community medical systems around diagnosis and treatment to close the gap in healthcare in developing nations.

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Looking for information about membership, fellowships, teaching courses or other educational opportunities? Click on the logo above to visit IPNA's website for medical professionals.