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The International Pediatric Nephrology Association (IPNA) is a global charitable organization managed by an all-volunteer council representing every continent of the world. IPNA operates under the premise that all children deserve to be healthy and receive optimal treatment and care for kidney disease regardless of their economic level or political choice. IPNA facilitates the exchange of knowledge and expertise without barriers, does not discriminate and is committed to international understanding. IPNA works to disseminate knowledge about kidney disease in children in the areas where care is needed most, and IPNA is the ONLY organization in the world today providing these services for children with kidney disease. IPNA collaborates with seven regional pediatric nephology societies around the world.

Our Mission: The International Pediatric Nephrology Association (IPNA) leads the global efforts to successfully address the care for all children with Kidney disease through advocacy, education, and training

Our Vision: Optimal care for all children with kidney disease.


IPNA is governed by a Board of Councilors who are responsible for managing the affairs of the organization, including committees, grant awards, educational programs, advocacy, publishing Pediatric Nephrology Journal, organizing the International Congress of Pediatric Nephrology and more.

Our Executive Committee

Hui Kim Yap, MD
Asian Pediatric Nephrology Association (AsPNA)

Bradley A. Warady, MD

Regional Secretaries:
Arvind Bagga, MD
AsPNA, India

Melvin Bonilla-Felix, MD
Puerto Rico

Patrick Brophy, MD

Kenji Ishikura, MD

Fiona Mackie, MD
ANZPNA Secretary, Australia

Hesham Safouh, MD
AfPNA Secretary, Egypt

Rezan Topaloglu, MD
ESPN, Turkey

Pierre Cochat, MD, PhD

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Of the many physicians whose efforts gave rise to IPNA, it is the spirit of both Gavin Arneil of Scotland and Henry Barnett of the United States that continues to guide IPNA today. Not only did these two lead the emerging field of pediatric nephrology as physicians, researchers and teachers, but they also formed new connections with fellow practitioners to broaden contacts and exchanges, to learn from larger patient populations, and thus to raise the levels of both science and treatments. 

By doing so, Arneil and Barnett each overcame significant barriers of distance, language, practice, and even politics to further the field of pediatric nephrology. In 1966, each took a pioneering international task. Arneil, with assistance from Harmen Tiddens of The Netherlands, began planning and organizing what would lead to creation of the European Society of Pediatric Nephrology. At the same time, Barnett enlisted researchers from participating centers as widespread as Europe, Israel, Japan, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and the United States, and melded them in the International Study of Kidney Disease in Children.  

Both men continued on to establish various other similar associations and groups, and it was Gavin Arneil who drafted the proposed format and constitution for IPNA in 1974. 

In a time before email and technology made communication fast and easy, Gavin Arneil and Henry Barnett’s innovative spirit and desire to collaborate internationally to share and learn were nothing short of astounding. With their influence and vision, IPNA continues today as an international organization that crosses borders to more accurately diagnose kidney disease and save children’s lives. 

For a complete history of IPNA, please click here.


IPNA is committed to transparency and open dialogue regarding its policies and procedures for distribution of funds. IPNA is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, charitable tax-exempt organization designated by the United States Internal Revenue Code. IPNA operates international programs and makes grants to qualifying organizations and institutions. In addition to standard tax deductions available to US Tax Payers, IPNA has contracted with Transnational Giving Europe (TGE) to facilitate tax-deductible cross-border donations in Europe. It is a partnership between large, recognized European foundations, which makes it possible to make cross-border donations to organizations. TGE creates a simple administrative procedure for donors and offers a guarantee that the donations will be used directly for high-quality projects. The network also ensures that donations are tax-deductible for the donor in his/her country of origin, in accordance with the current legislation.

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